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Software Toolkit to Enable System Health Monitoring
A module within the AXIS Pro tool suite, AXIS Takyon is an open application programming interface (API) library providing peer-to-peer data communication between multiple entities in a heterogenous computer system
The Hardware Development Kit (HDK) development tool gives users access to unallocated Xilinx, Inc. FPGA resources on Abaco boards
Open standard communications middleware optimized for minimal SWaP applications.
Perhaps the industry’s most advanced, most intuitive embedded software development environment, AXIS enables rapid software development.
Software tool to accelerate and reduce cost of development while maximizing performance.
AXIS DataView is designed to reduce the development time and cost of embedded applications.
AXIS ImageFlex Image Processing and Visualization Toolkit designed to reduce the time, effort and expense involved in engineering and deploying real-time image processing and visualization electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) applications.
Designed for SWaP, heterogeneous, and high performance computing. Provided as C API libraries for use in distributed applications.
DSP & Math Libraries (VSIPL, RSPL & CL) for Power Architecture/PowerPC.
Family of high performance Digital Signal Processing (DSP) & Math Libraries that deliver for size, weight & power (SWaP) constrained mission computing platforms.
AXISLib-AVX is a set of DSP and vector math libraries providing over 600 high performance functions created to help developers maximize system and application perfomance. Provides both VSIPL and proprietary GE APIs to support the very latest 2nd generatio