When I run BusTools/ARINC it fails board initialization.

Make sure you have the proper API installed and ensure the test configuration passes. The BusTools/ARINC GUI itself does not contain the API. The API is a separate piece of software that must be installed for the GUI to operate. To determine if you have the API installed, click the "Start Menu", click "Programs" and look for a folder called either "Condor CEI-x20-SW", "Condor CEI-SW" or "Condor 710-SW". If you do not have any of those folders, then you do not have the API installed.

The latest API may be downloaded from the Condor Engineering website here. Be sure to follow the instructions in the User's Manual associated with the API you have. The User"s Manual can be downloaded from the same place as the API.

If the API is installed, run the test configuration located in the folder in which it was installed. If this does not pass we recommend you reinstall the board, API and BusTools software. See entry M-BDNW-90060 about how to reinstall Condor products. Or, if you decide to contact Tech Support, please provide the information detailed in entry M-TECH-90061.