What should I know about the transition from CEI-520 to CEI-520A?

The CEI-520A is functionally compatible with the CEI-520. There has been a slight change to the PCI host interface circuit on the CEI-520A to allow for PCI universal voltage signaling (3.3V or 5V) for newer PC systems. (The CEI-520 supports only 5V PCI signaling.)

Version 3.80 of the CEI-x20 API includes support for the CEI-520A (as well as the CEI-520). Since earlier versions of the CEI-x20 API do not recognize the CEI-520A, an API upgrade is required to replace a previously installed CEI-520 with a CEI-520A. Most customer applications do not need to be recompiled to transition from a CEI-520 to a CEI-520A. A recompile is necessary only if the application depends on the CEI-520 board type value being returned from the ar_get_boardtype() API routine. (The CEI-520A and CEI-520 return different board type values.)