What are the error codes in the CEI-x20 API?

The following is a list of utility return status codes. These error codes are available in the file UTILDEFS.H. These error codes may be converted into a printable ASCII string by calling ar_get_error(). For the CEI-x20, you can call this function with a status value of ARS_LAST_ERROR to return extended error information if any is available. There is only one extended error buffer, so you should retrieve this information immediately after an error has occurred to prevent its contents from being over written. Not all errors generate extended error information. If no extended error information is available, ARS_LAST_ERROR returns the extended error information from the previous error that generated extended error information.

Error CodeDescription
ARS_NODATA0No data in receive buffer
ARS_NORMAL1Function normal/successful completion
ARS_GOTDATA4Receiver returned data
BTD_ERR_NOWINRT50WinRT driver not loaded/started
BTD_ERR_BADREGISTER51WinRT parameters don't match registry
BTD_ERR_BADOPEN52WinRT device open failed
BTD_NO_SUPPORT53Bus/Carrier/OS not supported by API
ARS_INVHARCMD1002Invalid configuration command
ARS_INVHARVAL1003Invalid configuration value
ARS_XMITOVRFLO1004Transmit buffer full, no data inserted
ARS_INVBOARD1005Invalid board argument
ARS_NOSYNC1006Timeout synchronizing with the ARINC
ARS_BADLOAD1007Could not successfully load firmware
ARS_BRDNOTLOAD1008Board micro-code load is not running or board has not been initialized.
ARS_SYNCTIMEOUT1009Error initializing timer
ARS_SYNCOVERRUN1010Host CPU can't keep up with data rate
ARS_BADINIT1011Can't initialize timer on slave
ARS_MEMADERR1012Memory address mapping error
ARS_MEMWRERR1013Dual-Port memory write/read-back error
ARS_INVSTRING1014Invalid string
ARS_INVEQID1015Invalid equipment ID
ARS_CHECKSUM1016Checksum error loading slave
ARS_NORESPONSE1017No response on receiver
ARS_UNSUPTYPE1018Translation not available for type
ARS_INVARG1019Invalid argument to function
ARS_INVLABEL1020Invalid label
ARS_DRIVERFAIL1021Driver load failed
ARS_WINRTFAIL1022WinRT Device Driver Error
ARS_CHAN_TIMEOUT1023Time out while commanding CEI-x20 brd
ARS_NO_HW_SUPRT1024Function not supported by hardware
ARS_BAD_DAC_VAL1025Specified DAC value bad (255)
ARS_BAD_FPGA1026Bad num of transmitters or receivers
ARS_BAD_STATIC1027Internal memory read/write failure
ARS_LAST_ERROR1028Returns additional info about prev error
ARS_HW_CONSISTENCY1029Hardware config is not consistent
ARS_HW_DETECT1030Failed to detect CEI-xxx hardware
ARS_WRAP_DATA_FAIL1031Internal wrap test data failure
ARS_WRAP_RATE_FAIL1032Wrap Test timetag/baud rate mismatch