What are the error codes in the BusTools/1553 API?

These are the error code definitions from BUSAPI.H. For the most up-to-date listing of error-codes, see the current BUSAPI.H file, which is supplied with the API software.

BusTools Low Level Device Driver error return constants
BTD_ERR_PARAM1invalid parameter
BTD_ERR_NOACCESS 2unable to map/access adapter
BTD_ERR_INUSE 3adapter already in use
BTD_ERR_BADADDR 4invalid address
BTD_ERR_NODETECT 5I/O or Config register ID invalid, board detect fail
BTD_ERR_BADCFG 6board jumper configuration invalid or not supported
BTD_ERR_NOTSETUP 7adapter has not been setup
BTD_ERR_NOMEMORY 10error allocating memory in SW version
BTD_ERR_BADADDRMAP 12bad initial mapping of address
BTD_ERR_BADEXTMEM 13bad extended memory mapping
BTD_ERR_BADBOARDTYPE 14Unknown board type
BTD_ERR_BADWCS 15Verify failure reading Writable Control Store
BTD_NO_PCI_SERVICES 16PCI services not available or not installed
BTD_NO_PCI_CARRIER 17Cannot locate IP-1553 PCI carrier
BTD_NO_PLATFORM 18Platform specified unknown or not supported
BTD_BAD_MANUFACTURER 19IP ID PROM Manufacturer code not 0x79
BTD_BAD_MODEL 20IP ID PROM Model number not 0x05(MF) or 0x08(SF)
BTD_BAD_SERIAL_PROM 21IP Serial PROM needs update, no support for this version
BTD_NEW_SERIAL_PROM 22Serial PROM too new, not supported by this software
BTD_CHAN_NOT_PRESENT 23Channel not present (on multi-channel board)
BTD_NO_SUPPORT 24Bus/Carrier/OS combination not supported by API
BTD_BAD_HW_INTERRUPT 25Hardware interrupt number bad or not defined in registery
BTD_FPGA_NOT_CLEAR 26The FPGA configuration failed to clear
BTD_NEW_PCCARD_FW 27PCC-1553 firmware is too new for this version of the API
BTD_OLD_PCCARD_FW 28PCC-1553 firmware is too old, use the JAM Player to update it
BTD_BAD_CONF_FILE 29Unable to open ceidev.conf
BTD_NO_DRV_MOD 30No Driver Module found
BTD_IOCTL_DEV_ERR 31Error in ioctl get device
BTD_IOCTL_SET_REG 32Error in ioctl set region
BTD_IOCTL_REG_SIZE 33Error in getting ioclt region size
BTD_IOCTL_GET_REG 34Error in ioctl get region
BTD_BAD_SIZE 35Region size is 0
BTD_BAD_PROC_ID 36Unable to set process ID
BTD_HASH_ERR 37Unable to setup hash table
BTD_NO_HASH_ENTRY 38No hash table entry found
BTD_WRONG_BOARD 39Wrong board type for command
BTD_MODE_MISMATCH 40IPD1553 mismatch in the mode.
BTD_IRIG_NO_LOW_PEAK 41No lower peak on IRIG DAC calibration
BTD_IRIG_NO_HIGH_PEAK 42No upper peak on IRIG DAC calibration
BTD_IRIG_LEVEL_ERR 43Delta between MAX and MIN DAC peak values less than required
BTD_IRIG_NO_SIGNAL 44No IRIG Signal Detected
Error return codes from LOWLEVEL routines
BTD_ERR_NOWINRT 50WinRT driver not loaded/started
BTD_ERR_BADREGISTER 51WinRT parameters don't match registry
BTD_ERR_BADOPEN 52WinRT device open failed
BTD_BAD_LL_VERSION 54Unsupported lowlevel driver installed
BTD_BAD_INT_EVENT 55Unable to create interrupt event
BTD_ISR_SETUP_ERROR 56Error setting up the ISR driver
BTD_CREATE_ISR_THREAD 57Error creating the ISR thread
BTD_NO_REGIONS_TO_MAP 58No regions requested in call to vbtMapBoardAddresses
Error return codes from BusTools API routines
API_SUCCESS0No error detected
API_CONTINUE 101API function should continue execution normally
API_RETURN_SUCCESS 102API function should return immediately with API_SUCCESS
API_NEVER_CALL_AGAIN 103User function is never to be called again
API_BUSTOOLS_INT_USED 170Interrupt on card already in use
API_BUSTOOLS_INITED 201This card has already been init'ed
API_BUSTOOLS_NOTINITED 202BusTools API not initialized
API_BUSTOOLS_BADCARDNUM 203Bad card number specified
API_BUSTOOLS_BADINTTYPE 204Bad interrupt type for registering callback
API_BUSTOOLS_BADBUFSIZE 205Bad buffer size for registering callback
API_BUSTOOLS_BADCOUPLING 206Bad coupling specified in BusTools_SetVoltage
API_BUSTOOLS_BADVOLTAGE 207Bad voltage specified in BusTools_SetVoltage
API_BUSTOOLS_BADSEGNUM 208Bad segment number specified
API_BUSTOOLS_EVENBCOUNT 209Even byte count required for this routine
API_BUSTOOLS_BADMEMORY 210BusTools Board Dual-Port Memory Self-Test Failed
API_BUSTOOLS_TOO_MANY 211Too many user interrupt functions registered
API_BUSTOOLS_FIFO_BAD 212User API_INT_FIFO structure corrupted or bad entry
API_BUSTOOLS_NO_OBJECT 213Error creating event object or thread
API_BUSTOOLS_BAD_REGS 214Register File Memory Self-Test failed
API_BUSTOOLS_NO_FILE 215Could not open the specified file
API_BUSTOOLS_NO_MEMORY 216BusTools_MemoryAlloc request overflows first 64 Kw of board memory
API_HW_IQPTR_ERROR 217Hardware Interrupt Pointer register error.
API_BIT_FAIL_PRI 218BIT failure/data error detected on primary bus
API_BIT_FAIL_SEC 219BIT failure/data error detected on secondary bus
API_BUSTOOLS_FIFO_DUP 220Specified API_INT_FIFO structure is already in use.V4.35.ajh
API_HARDWARE_NOSUPPORT 225Function not supported by current hardware
API_OUTDATED_FIRMWARE 226Firmware version no longer supported, contact factory for upgrade
API_NO_OS_SUPPORT 227Function not supported by underlying Operating System
API_NO_BUILD_SUPPORT 228Function not supported by API as built
API_CHANNEL_OPEN_OTHER 229Board or channel already opened as another cardnum
API_BUSTOOLS_BAD_ALIGN 230API structures are not properly aligned
API_SINGLE_FUNCTION_ERR 231You have attempted to start multiple functions on a single function board
API_CANT_LOAD_USER_DLL 232Cannot load specified user DLL
API_EI_BADMSGTYPE 252Bad message type specified in EbufWrite
API_EI_ILLERRORNO 253Error injection buffer num > number of buffers avail
API_EI_ILLERRORADDR 254Illegal error buffer address
API_BAD_ADDR_TYPE 271Bad address type for BusTools_GetAddr()
API_BC_NOTINITED 301BC_Init not yet called
API_BC_INITED 302BC_Init already called
API_BC_RUNNING 303BC simulation currently running
API_BC_NOTRUNNING 304BC simulation not currently running
API_BC_MEMORY_OFLOW 305BC memory overflow
API_BC_ILLEGAL_MBLOCK 306BC illegal mem block number specified
API_BC_MBLOCK_NOMATCH 307BC specified addr is not a BC message block
API_BC_MBUF_NOT_ALLOC 308BC message buffers have not been allocated
API_BC_MBUF_ALLOCD 309BC message buffers already allocated
API_BC_ILLEGAL_NEXT 310BC illegal next message number
API_BC_ILLEGAL_PREV 311BC illegal prev message number
API_BC_ILLEGAL_BRANCH 312BC illegal branch message number
API_BC_MESS1_COND 313BC first message in buffer is conditional
API_BC_BAD_COND_ADDR 314BC bad address value in conditional message
API_BC_BADTIMEOUT1 315BC illegal "No Response" timeout
API_BC_BADTIMEOUT2 316BC illegal "Late Response" timeout
API_BC_BADFREQUENCY 317BC illegal minor frame frequency
API_BC_HALTERROR 318BC error detected during stop, bus is probably unterminated
API_BC_BOTHBUFFERS 323BC cannot specify both buffers
API_BC_BOTHBUSES 324BC cannot specify both buses
API_BC_MCODE4_UPDATE 325not used
API_BC_UPDATEMESSTYPE 326BC message update must operate on a message (not branch)
API_BC_ILLEGALMESSAGE 327BC message in memory is not legal
API_BC_ILLEGALTARGET 328BC branch data message number not legal
API_BC_NOTMESSAGE 329BC msg is not a proper 1553-type message
API_BC_NOTNOOP 330BC msg is not a proper noop-type message
API_BC_APERIODIC_RUNNING 331BC Aperiodics still running, cannot start new msg list
API_BC_APERIODIC_TIMEOUT 332BC Aperiodic messages did not complete in time
API_BC_CANT_NOOP 333BC cannot noop or un-noop a noop message
API_BC_MINOR_OFLOW 334BC message processing has overflowed specified Minor Frame time. Bus simulation may not be accurate. Ensure that the bus is properly terminated.
API_BC_READ_TIMEOUT 335RT timeout when attempting to read data.
API_BC_READ_NODATA 336No RT data in int queue
API_BM_NOTINITED 401BM_Init or BM_MessageAlloc not called
API_BM_INITED 402BM_Init already called
API_BM_RUNNING 403BM simulation currently running
API_BM_NOTRUNNING 404BM simulation not currently running
API_BM_MEMORY_OFLOW 405BM memory overflow
API_BM_CBUF_EXISTS 406BM subunit already defined
API_BM_CBUF_NOTDEFINED 407BM subunit not yet defined
API_BM_ILLEGAL_ADDR 408BM illegal address specified
API_BM_ILLEGAL_SUBADDR 409BM illegal subaddress specified
API_BM_ILLEGAL_TRANREC 410BM illegal trans/rec flag specified
API_BM_ILLEGAL_MBUFID 411BM illegal mbuf_id for specified subunit
API_BM_MBUF_NOMATCH 412BM no match for specified address
API_BM_WRAP_AROUND 413BM API message buffer has overflowed, data has been lost
API_BM_ILLEGAL_MESSAGE 414BM illegal message type in HW buffer
API_BM_MSG_ALLOC_CALLED 415BM_MessageAlloc has already been called
API_BM_HW_WRAP_AROUND 416BM HW message buffer has overflowed, data has been lost
API_BM_POINTER_REG_BAD 417BM HW pointer register contents invalid
API_BM_READ_TIMEOUT 418RT timeout when attempting to read data.
API_BM_READ_NODATA 419No BM data in int queue
API_RT_NOTINITED 501RT_Init not yet called
API_RT_INITED 502RT_Init already called
API_RT_RUNNING 503RT simulation currently running
API_RT_NOTRUNNING 504RT simulation not currently running
API_RT_MEMORY_OFLOW 505RT memory overflow
API_RT_CBUF_EXISTS 506RT subunit MBUFs already allocated
API_RT_CBUF_NOTDEFINED 507RT subunit not yet defined
API_RT_ILLEGAL_ADDR 508RT illegal address specified
API_RT_ILLEGAL_SUBADDR 509RT illegal subaddress specified
API_RT_ILLEGAL_TRANREC 510RT illegal trans/rec flag specified
API_RT_ILLEGAL_MBUFID 511RT illegal mbuf_id for specified subunit
API_RT_CBUF_BROAD 513RT 31 is broadcast only
API_RT_CBUF_NOTBROAD 514specified rt address is non-bro only
API_RT_MBUF_NOMATCH 515RT message buffer not found at specified address
API_RT_BROADCAST_DISABLE 516RT 31 Broadcast is disabled
API_RT_SELF_TEST_MODE 517RT Self Test Wrap-Around Mode selected, normal operation inhibited
API_RT_READ_TIMEOUT 518RT timeout when attempting to read data.
API_RT_READ_NODATA 519No RT data in int queue
API_LOW_MINOR_OFLOW 605BC minor frame overflow 16-bit windows only
API_LV_BADARRAY 700LabView array structure not correctly setup
API_NO_LV_SUPPORT 701Function not supported in LabView
API_PLAYBACK_INIT_ERROR 801Error initializing Playback
API_PLAYBACK_BAD_THREAD 802Attempt to create thread failed
API_PLAYBACK_BAD_FILE 803File open failed
API_PLAYBACK_BAD_EVENT 804Event creation error
API_PLAYBACK_BUF_EMPTY 805Playback Buffer empty
API_PLAYBACK_BAD_EXIT 806Unexpected Exit from Playback
API_PLAYBACK_BAD_MEMORY 807Unable to allocate memory on Host
API_PLAYBACK_DISK_READ 808Disk read Error during playback
API_PLAYBACK_RUNNING 809Playback is already running
API_PLAYBACK_BAD_ALLOC 810Failure to allocate enough BusTools Memory for PB
API_TIMETAG_BAD_DISPLAY 901Unknown or unsupported Time Tag display format
API_TIMETAG_BAD_INIT 902Unknown Time Tag Initialization method
API_TIMETAG_BAD_MODE 903Unknown Time Tag Operating Mode
API_TIMETAG_NO_DLL 904DLL containing BusTools_TimeTagGet() could not be loaded
API_TIMETAG_NO_FUNCTION 905Could not get the address of the BusTools_TimeTagGet() function
API_TIMETAG_USER_ERROR 906User function BusTools_TimeTagGet() returned an error
API_TIMETAG_WRITE_ERROR 907Cannot write to time tag load register when in API_TM_IRIG mode
API_IRIG_NO_SIGNAL 908No external IRIG signal present