The IP-1553 was introduced in 1997, and declared End Of Life in 2004. This document discusses migration issues to the last version of PROM Firmware released during this product's production cycle.

Version #:
The only version of the IP-1553 currently supported is PROM version 7. Any product purchased or returned for repair after the End of Life Announcement will be automatically upgraded to and tested with PROM version 7.

If you want to upgrade your back-level (older version) IP-1553 modules in the field, you can update to PROM version 7 by replacing the U1 PROM on your IP-1553 module.

Physically Upgrading the PROM:
Instructions for replacing the PROM are in the attached note entitled, "IP-1553 PROM Replacement Guide".

Software Impact:
If you upgrade to the PROM version 7 you will need to upgrade BusTools/1553-API to BusTools/1553-API version 5.00.01. This is the last API version that supports the IP-1553. If you upgrade to PROM version 7 and simultaneously upgrade the version of the API, you will still be able to use your existing application software without any changes. All the initialization and API calls remain unchanged.

Releases of BusTools/1553-API subsequent to version 5.00.01 do not support the IP-1553 Module.

Migration to the IP-D1553 Module:
Condor introduced the IP-D1553 as a replacement for the IP-1553 in 2002. The API for the IP-D is software compatible with the IP-1553 API, but you will need to make some minor modifications to your application software. The most significant change is that you will need to modify your board initialization to specify the IP-D1553 board. See the initialization examples below. All other API functions work the same so you will not need to change the great majority of your application. You could however, elect to modify your code to take advantage of the increased on-board memory and optional IRIG-B support.

Example initialization on a VME carrier

A32 status = BusTools_API_InitExtended(cardnum,0x08000000,0x6000,&pwFlag,

A24 status = BusTools_API_InitExtended(cardnum,0x400000,0x6000,&pwFlag,

Example initialization on a PCI carrier:

status = BusTools_API_InitExtended(cardnum,device,0,&pwFlag,