Receiving error "dual port memory failure" when starting the PCI-1553. Have CEI-520 and PCI-1553-M installed on the same system.

This problem is related to your system setup. With a CEI-520 and PCI-1553 card installed on the same system running BusTools/ARINC and BusTools/1553, you must make custom modifications to the system setup.

  1. The CEI-x20 SW must be installed before the 1553-API.
  2. After the BusTools/1553-API has been properly installed, modify the BusTools/1553 setup file (bustools32.ini) to specify the PCI-1553 HW. The bustools32.ini file can be found in the Windows folder for 95/98 or the Winnt folder for NT/2000. The setup information must be modified as follows:
       [Setup Info0]

    This tells the BusTools/1553-API to use device driver one (not zero) for BusTools/1553 board number one.