Our performance requirements necessitate that recorded 1553 traffic messages be time stamped with time of reception using the externally supplied time base. How can we meet this requirement?

The Bus Monitor automatically time tags each message as it is transacted. If you have an external IRIG-B source and an IRIG-B capable card, you can use the external IRIG-B signal as the time source. The QPMC-1553 2MW is IRIG-B capable, so all you need to do is provide an IRIG-B source and add the following code to your application:

status = BusTools_IRIG_Config(cardnum,IRIG_EXTERNAL,IRIG_OUT_DISABLE);
printf("BusTools_IRIG_Config status 
        IRIG_EXTERNAL IRIG_OUT_ENABLE = %dn",status);

status = BusTools_TimeTagMode( cardnum, API_TTD_IRIG, 
         API_TTI_IRIG, API_TTM_IRIG, NULL, 0, 0, 0 );
printf("BusTools_TimeTagMode status = %dn",status);

status = BusTools_IRIG_Calibration(cardnum,1);
printf("BusTools_IRIG_Calibration status = %dn",status); 

status = BusTools_IRIG_Valid(cardnum);
if(status == API_IRIG_NO_SIGNAL)
   printf("BusTools_IRIG_Valid status = %dn",status);