Mil/Aero Insider (March 2011): SPECIAL EDITION - 2nd Generation Intel Core i7

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As an example: with our 6U VPX SBC624, we’ve elected to use one of the x8 PCIe ports to interface to a NIC which can offer a choice of data plane fabrics – either 10GigE or InfiniBand. We see these fabrics as a natural extension of the Intel architecture, and it is ideal for the kind of high performance computing (HPC) our customers need. And because the silicon to do that is available off the shelf, it allows us to get to market faster than if we’d elected to go a different route.

But it’s not just about the hardware. Software plays an increasingly vital role, because it’s the software that’s available with the hardware that makes a vital difference in terms of customer flexibility and productivity. Software is a key contributor to the solution – not just Deployed Test Software, but real value added like GE’s AXIS Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software environments that can dramatically shorten the development of sophisticated applications.

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Richard Kirk

Mil/Aero Insider talks to Richard Kirk, Product Manager, Mil/Aero Single Board Computers at GE Intelligent Platforms, about GE's new embedded computing platforms based on 2nd Generation Intel Core Processor technology from Intel.


Q:   Aren’t all 2nd Generation Intel Core Processor products the same?
A: They’re really not. While they all have the same processor silicon at their heart, Intel provides a great deal of flexibility in terms of how that silicon is implemented – which means that a number of important design choices need to be made. There are, for example, different ways of using the PCI Express ports on offer. You then have a finite amount of board space, and the design team needs to prioritize what should fill that space – what kind of features and functionality will be most useful to customers.
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New Sandy Bridge Products
GE's family of Sandy Bridge products continues to grow
It takes a product line to satisfy the needs of an industry…and we’ve got it. GE's new line of SBCs, based on 2nd Generation Intel Core i7 processors, offers a choice of form factors and twice the graphics performance and memory capacity - without increasing power requirements from previous versions. Future additions will include a multiprocessor platform and supporting libraries.
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Sandy Bridge Helps HPEC
Sandy Bridge helps bring HPEC to defense/aerospace platforms
GE Product Manager Michael Stern looks at how rugged embedded computing is able to take advantage of the continual upturns in consumer computing performance - as witnessed by Intel's 2nd generation Core i7 processors - and industry standard technologies to deliver high performance embedded computing to the rugged world of defense and aerospace.
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Sandy Bridge and AVX
Sandy Bridge and AVX
Among the many enhancements that the second generation of Intel's Core i7 processors bring is a substantial improvement in DSP performance through Intel's AVX (Advanced Vector Extensions) technology, enabling 'Sandy Bridge'-based boards to address new applications. GE Director of Applications Peter Thompson looks at the implications.
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How does a system designer know if any of the rugged products specified for a particular application will survive a lifetime of use in the environmental extremes of military deployment? What should a system designer look for, and what criteria should be used when selecting a rugged product? Read GE's white paper to answers these questions.
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