How do I build a VxWorks 1553 sample application? Should I use "VxW_Demo.c" to build an application? If so, what does it take to build a VxWorks application for this file?

The top window shows how to configure the application using Tornado. First, you need to remove the -ansi directive. Then, you need to define the processor and bus type. For most PowerPCs, you would define VXW_PCI_PPC. You also need to have a path to the "Busapi.h" include file. If you installed it from either the CD-ROM or the web download, the include directory is in C:\Program Files\Condor Engineering\BusTools-1553-api\include.

Try updating the top window with these settings. If you still get errors, send a list of the errors to so we can see what problems you are having.