GE Fanuc Embedded Systems Announces 3U VPX MAGIC1 Rugged Display Processor

ALBUQUERQUE, NM, JANUARY 15, 2007 - Following its acquisition of Radstone Embedded Computing, and complementing the company’s parallel announcement of three new 3U VPX boards, GE Fanuc Embedded Systems today announced the 3U VPX MAGIC1 Rugged Display Processor at the Bus & Board Conference in Long Beach, California. The MAGIC1 is a complete, rugged, integrated subsystem consisting of the 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo processor-based SBC340 single board computer and GRA110 graphics processor, making the NVIDIA PCI Express graphics capability available to the harsh environment military computing market for the first time. The MAGIC1 rugged subsystem lets system designers develop and deploy significantly more sophisticated display applications than has previously been possible. This rugged graphics display processor supports VAPS, GL Studio and iData display software, and targets embedded training, digital mapping and vehicle display applications. The MAGIC1 is the first of several planned system-level 3U VPX platforms from GE Fanuc Embedded Systems, each designed to serve specific functional needs. “As defense programs become more demanding,” said Simon Collins, Product Manager at GE Fanuc Embedded Systems, “we see major prime contractors asking more of their suppliers, requesting subsystem-level products that come pre-integrated and pre-tested—allowing the contractor to focus on higher level issues. The MAGIC1 Rugged Display Processor responds not only to this requirement, but also to the growing demand in embedded military computing for systems based on the 3U VPX form factor. 3U VPX delivers astonishing power and flexibility in a small, lightweight form factor, making it ideal for applications where space is a constraining factor.” The MAGIC1 rugged display processor is based on the SBC340 and GRA110 3U VPX cards. The 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo –processor CPU with its 945GM Northbridge chipset is connected to an NVIDIA G73 GPU via 16-lane PCI Express, giving maximum bandwidth between CPU and GPU. With dual channel video output capability, the MAGIC1 is capable of driving two independent displays. The self-contained solution is completed by the provision of up to 64 GBytes of solid state SATA disk storage. First shipments of the MAGIC1 Rugged Display Processor are planned for April 2007. Click to read all about the Magic1 system.  About GE Fanuc Embedded Systems GE Fanuc Embedded Systems is a leading global provider of embedded computing solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. Featuring a comprehensive offering that includes Intel® and PowerPC®-based Single Board Computers, sensor processing networking products, avionics interfaces, rugged flat panel monitors and complete computer systems, GE Fanuc Embedded Systems can support the full range of embedded computing needs. GE Fanuc Embedded Systems is part of GE Fanuc, a joint venture between GE and FANUC LTD of Japan. For more information, visit

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