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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.— May 20, 2021 Abaco Systems announces the NVP2009 Graphics Output XMC as the newest product in our NVIDIA Pascal chip-down series of GPU mezzanine cards. This card delivers performance and flexibility in a small XMC form-factor which is offered with support for Abaco’s Axis Image Flex software. The NVP2009 helps our customers succeed by offering a lower SWaP COTS graphics output solution for rugged military and aerospace markets for graphics generation/output and general-purpose computing.

Based on the NVIDIA Quadro Pascal P2000 GPU architecture, the NVP2009 provides up to 2.3 TFLOPS of single precision floating point compute performance at maximum power consumption. The innovative approach with the NVP2009’s flexibility allows for support of up to four video output standards simultaneously. This approach allows the user to do more with less while reducing slot count and cost on the small XMC form factor.

Offered in both conduction-cooled and air-cooled versions, integration of the powerful P2000 GPU with multiple graphics/video output capability means customers are able to pack more GPU performance per slot while being able to connect a wide variety of the latest and legacy displays.  The NVP2009 is an ideal choice for both new and legacy systems and is aimed at the rugged military and aerospace markets for graphics generation and multi-standard output in a wide variety of applications, including display computing, moving map, as well as general purpose computing such as ISR, and radar.

Initially, the NVP2009 is configured for 2x 3G-SDI and 2x CVBS outputs. It can also be configured to meet the customer’s needs. For example, the analog outputs (CVBS and VGA-type) can be configured to support single-ended or differential signaling. Differential signaling is a key enhancement over the traditional single-ended signaling to ensure a very low amount of system-induced signal noise. Supporting both types of signal types is critical for legacy interfaces and allows the incorporation of advanced differential signaling to reduce noise in newly architected systems.

Pete Thompson, VP of product management for Abaco Systems, Inc. said, “The NVP2009 is a commercial off the shelf XMC product which offers extremely high-performance with great flexibility to support a wide range of current and legacy video output standards with factory configuration. It is an ideal graphics output solution for a wide range of mission ready systems. This card demonstrates Abaco’s ongoing commitment to supporting warfighters on land, air and sea as we expand our XMC offerings.”


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