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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.— July 29, 2021 Abaco Systems announces the VSR347D, our fully rugged 3U VPX secure router featuring Juniper Network’s® Junos® vSRX virtual firewall. Capitalizing on our SBC and networking expertise, this router expands Abaco’s portfolio from switching and network interfaces, to include secure routing.  The VSR347D provides a highly optimized, interoperable solution to meet customer demands and is the first-to-market fully rugged 3U VPX networking solution to offer Juniper Networks’ vSRX secure firewall.

Customers choosing this secure router can rely on Juniper’s proven security software and benefit from Abaco’s recognized capability in the rugged SBC market. The pairing of Juniper’s software with Abaco’s 3U VPX or COTS systems provides hardened security and flexibility while making obsolescence less of a concern for the future. This router’s security capabilities include a Stateful Firewall, brute force attack mitigation, and malformed packet protect – all of which ensure data is secure inside networks while simultaneously keeping threats out.

Offered with both 1000Base-T and 10GBASE-KR ports along with the ability to expand by connecting external network interface cards using the PCIe expansion plane, the VSR347D is ideal to act as a secure gateway between multiple WANs and LANs of any 3U VPX system.

The router is featured in Abaco’s upcoming VSR8000 rugged, secure COTS system, further demonstrating Abaco’s ability to engineer a SWaP-optimized system. Additionally, the VSR347D will integrate seamlessly with Abaco’s SWE440A, and any number of other SBC and FPGA products.

Pete Thompson, VP of product management for Abaco Systems said, “The VSR347D delivers a solution to current customer pain points by providing a fully rugged secure router with the flexibility and capability needed to succeed in any environment. Moving into the secure router market while utilizing Juniper’s Junos clearly indicates that Abaco is committed to collaboration and innovation by offering the full networking solution – from NICs to switches to secure routers.”


Technical Overview

The VSR347D is a fully rugged Secure Router featuring Juniper Networks® Junos® vSRX Virtual Firewall. The VSR347D offers two onboard 1000BASE-T and two 10GBASEKR ports, plus the ability to expand this by connecting to external Network Interface Cards using the PCIe expansion plane switch. Leveraging the high-performance capabilities of our Abaco Systems SBC347D with an optimized environment for Juniper Networks vSRX to run, the VSR347D provides a strong performant layer of security for any 3U VPX based system.

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