Abaco Systems Acquires MMS Product Line from Technobox Inc.


HUNTSVILLE, Ala.— November 17, 2016  Abaco Systems today announced that it had acquired the MMS – Micro Mezzanine System – product line from Technobox® Inc. of West Berlin, NJ.

The acquisition of this new capability further strengthens Abaco’s ability to serve customers with mission ready systems based on best-in-class open architecture platforms that lead to lower risk solutions that can be deployed faster.

The MMS range is unique in the embedded computing industry in its ability to enable customers to configure precisely the I/O required for almost any application: virtually thousands of combinations are possible. It effectively enables customers to build a board to their precise requirements – without the expense and lead-time that would normally be incurred by a custom development. Its benefits include:

  • Flexibility in creating highly customizable I/O solutions in SWaP-constrained spaces
  • Wide range of general purpose I/O capabilities
  • Support for multiple open architecture carriers (VPX, XMC, PMC)

Abaco collaborated closely with the Technobox team – notably on the VPX carrier – prior to the acquisition of the MMS product line.

“I/O is a significant challenge for our customers as interconnection to multiple sources and outputs increases, while small size and low weight continue to define the latest generation of solutions,” said Bernie Anger, CEO, Abaco Systems. “The MMS range is a unique response to these challenges, providing unrivaled flexibility that allows our customers to configure precisely the I/O the application requires – with minimal impact on the physical characteristics of the solution. It enables them to both speed and reduce the cost of development, allowing them to achieve much faster time-to-deployment.”

“We are truly excited to have acquired this outstanding capability which we believe will deliver significant benefit to our customers,” concluded Anger. “It will allow us to serve an even broader range of their requirements.”

At the heart of the MMS range is the ECM (Electrical Conversion Module) Carrier, which is a PMC form factor board. An onboard FPGA – three versions are available, depending on the performance requirements of the application – provides the ability to interface up to four MMS modules placed on the carrier to the host board. Those modules – of which more than 20 are available off the shelf - support a range of I/O functionality including DAC, ADC, RS485, RS422, RS-232, LVDS and DIO.  Each module measures only 1 ¼ inches square.

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