VP880 VP881 VP889 Software BSP User Manual

The VP880/VP881/VP889 Software Board Support Package includes two components.   The first component is the software and associated “BSP” with Petalinux running on the Zynq Ultrascale MPSoC processor. The second component is 4DSP Board Support Package running on either a Windows or Linux host machine.

The Zynq BSP Petalinux component features all control and interface with the onboard peripherals such as Ethernet ports, Chip2Chip interface to the Ultrascale FPGA, PCIe root complex on the Zynq MPSoC and the Ultrascale FPGA. It also features communication with 4DSP existing board support package and API using UnitAPI through TCPIP or PCIe communication.

The 4DSP BSP resides on the host computer in either Windows or Linux.   An application uses the UnitAPI interface on the host computer to communicate and accesses the Zynq MPSoC BSP to communicate with the FPGAs and any firmware functionalities.

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