What do flexible C-G (500Mhz to 6GHz) SDR (Software Defined Radio) COTS Applications and Next-Generation Electronic Warfare Have in Common?

15 April 2021

When you order a custom, one of a kind sportscar you are typically prepared to pay the price and wait for it to be built. You want a certain amount of power under the hood, top notch finishes, and flashy rims. What if you could go to the dealership and select your options, have it configured to your specifications right there, and brought out for you to inspect and drive off the lot immediately? Of course, you might be satisfied with the one on the showroom floor, but having options is never a bad thing. With your electronic warfare (EW) system, a COTS solution may get the job done, but you may need a configurable solution instead. That’s where Abaco steps in with Radio Frequency System on Chip (RFSoC) offerings to provide an off the shelf solution in a rugged form factor for your networked digital radio, EW, ISR, or radar applications.

Abaco Systems’ RFSoC offerings are game-changing enablers for EW applications. A system can be designed with C-G RF Band support in a 3U form factor. We deliver the multi-channel RF I/O, multi-GS/sec converter bandwidth and low latency processing to stay within most resolution cells. Unlocking the capacity for cognitive and machine learning (ML) based classification and countermeasure responses with the computing power of ARM processors and programmable (HDL) logic. This combination of low latency flexible fabric with 12-14 bits of resolution allows for a vast array of waveform capture and generation capability.

A modern EW system also requires expansion beyond the RFSoC. Our processing offerings do just that. We listen to customer needs to provide a configurable approach to EW systems by bringing to fruition at the tactical edge the best that FPGA, SBC and GPGPU technology has to offer. Our expertise in board solutions is evident in our burgeoning system offerings with many of our products aligned to the SOSA technical standard. Abaco’s system engineers and backplane design provide no-fuss software and firmware integration for our customers.

So perhaps it is not a glimmering new sports car that will turn heads, but a vital next generation EW system providing future proof functionality. Maybe you need a configurable system to get the job done, but maybe a COTS solution will do the trick. Either way, we are here to help you succeed with a next generation EW system.

Luis Esparza