AUSA Day 2: overcoming obsolescence; hypersonic; SWaP-C3 and more

16 October 2019

As I mentioned yesterday: we anticipated larger crowds than the previous day - and we were ready.  The team followed up with extensive briefings to key DOD and primes with a focus on:

  1. A major prime that is looking to overcome obsolescence challenges on legacy aviation programs. We’re working with them as a partner to build a path forward to Abaco next generation solutions. 
  2. Army Material Command, raising awareness on Abaco’s powerful processing capabilities in small form factors, alleviating the need for multiple rack-mounted solutions in numerous tactical vehicles.
  3. Army Missiles Command, communicating Abaco’s proven and tested expertise in hypersonic programs and how we can infuse the Army leadership with key past performance and lessons learned in this key area.
  4. Australian International opportunities, and our desire to strategically enhance our current Australian footprint by entering into key partnerships with local Australian companies focused on driving Abaco products into emerging Australian programs valued at over US50 billion. 

Another excellent and productive day. We’re looking forward to day 3.

Mark Hutnan

Mark joined Abaco as Vice President, Business Development in November 2017. Previously, he was Vice President and General Manager, US Federal Operations at Qualys, following five years with General Dynamics Mission Systems as Senior Manager, Business Development, Cyber Systems Division. Mark was a member of the US Marine Corps for 24 years following his graduation from North Carolina State University with a BS degree in Civil Engineering.